Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Oneness: Beyond the Duality of Like-Dislike, and Attraction-Repulsion

Me (Status on Google Plus): 
You may start your #InnerJourney  from one point, i may start from another - 
but, there is no way for us to not meet at the destination, for the Goal is One

The goal is indeed, 'one' as one 'ponders' these points, one observes 'one-ness' and 
unlike 'four 'blind Men & the Elephant' story (Google it), one is in accord. 
Great point this is. Thank You.

Many thanks for your comments.

Greetings. I (one) received the 'like' and was about to click back a quick 'like the like', in return. 
It all vanished, so here one is actually writing 'Thank you' 
instead of the flow of Tamas cleverly disguised as quick Rajas, so thank you. 
And for all else one is involved with that will help alleviate suffering. 
May ALL beings be happy.

Namaste, blessed to know you my dear. 
Your message is a piece of wisdom, in one line you have described the gunas so very aptly. 

Duality is apparent, what is seen on the surface.
Unity, or, rather, Oneness is the underlying Truth. 

My dear friend BM's observations in the above conversation are praise-worthy; are, what i would say, based upon the Vedantic Principles. His words are the words of a sadhaka, a spiritual seeker, who is ever attempting to go beyond all dualities and access the underlying Truth. He, indeed, represents all of us, walking the same path.

Anand Ashram @ Ubud (Bali)

The outside world, even before the present computer technology, is, actually, already based upon the principles of computer. Behind all the superfluous sophistications and equations, there are certain simple formulas, alt, command, delete, like, dislike, and etcetera - all based upon the principles of dualism. Indeed, the computer technology only represents what has already been there in the human brain.

The human brain is always looking for the easy way.
Lazy Tamas, Aggressive Rajas, or Calm Sattva. Like, Dislike, or remain Foolishly Neutral. Attraction, Repulsion, or Torn-in-Between. This is the World of Mind, our present state of mind, a log-like mind, unpolished. This mind "thinks" it is intelligent, but it is not. It works on certain fixed principles. Anyone can hack it and gain control over it, not only on an individual level, but on a collective level. This is how the advertising industry thrives. This is how the power-mongers continue to stay in power.

As long as we are in this world, as long as we have to interact with the outside world, like it or not, we have to talk the same language. That is if we want to be understood by the world. A handful among us may choose to not be understood, or even misunderstood, and keep to their language of Oneness, not complying with their language of duality that the masses speak in. They are the genius among us. The carefree avadhoots, they are not affected by whatever comments the peoples living in delusion pass on them. 

So, now, the choice is ours, which language do we want to speak in?
Speak the language of oneness at all times, not compromising with the duality based world; dance to the tune of the worldly; or...... For the intelligent, the awakened, there buddhas, the choices are numerous - and, they have no problem to jump from one language to another in no time.

Ever free, and not caught in the web of maya, of delusion - the intelligent are beyond all duality. The laws of attraction and repulsion do not affect them. Beyond all likes and dislikes, they are ever in the state of true awareness, of true understanding of the nature of things. 

My salutations to such Mentors of Humankind.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking

By thinking positive we create a false sense of positivity.
The false sense of positivity triggers false emotions, and attracts falsehood, which are then falsely identified, mistakenly interpreted as positive feelings.

We may argue, "But, people do get rich by creating such false sense of positivity."

Yes, sure they do.
They become rich, which again is the false sense of being wealthy.

Becoming rich does not make you wealthy.
Not that all rich people are not wealthy, there are many rich people who are also wealthy. However, the secret of their wealth, of true wealth, is not positive thinking. It is the positive "true feeling" - in Buddha's word, "Bhavna".

Bhavna is not emotion-based feeling, it is "true feeling" in the sense that it emanates from the innermost core of our being. It is the uncontaminated primeval feeling so clearly seen in the small children. It manifests as joy. Yes, it "manifests" as joy, what it actually is - we can never ever explain in words. For, all our words are mind and emotion based. Our language is the creation of our mind.

Joy, childlike joyous nature - this is the only manifestation of bhavna.
No other manifestation is possible. All other manifestations lead us to the realms of mind and emotions.

Now, this joy, and this joy alone can attract true wealth.
What is true wealth?

The answer can be found from the Sanskrit word for God, Bhagavat. Bha stands for Bhagya, Destiny - one, who creates his own destiny, is truly wealthy.

Ga for Gyaana, a storehouse of wisdom - he/she is truly wealthy.

Va for Vaibhava, or rich/glorious... But also for Vairagya - or detachment. Richness, name, fame, and glory alone do not make us truly wealthy. It is the combination of all those and detachment that makes us truly wealthy. When we can enjoy all that we posses without being attached to anything, then we are truly wealthy. It is the realization that whatever we posses, material as well as what we understand as immaterial are equally impermanent that we become truly wealthy.

Last but not least, Na stands for Nirmal, meaning soft, subtle, egoless, prideless, one who is humble. This is the last attribute of a truly wealthy person.

Maker of own destiny, storehouse of wisdom, rich, detached, and egoless - these are the signs of a truly wealthy person.

How to attract true wealth?
By accessing our original, joyful nature... How do we do that?

Now, here is the missing link - the link that can trigger our joy.
What is that? Just one thing that can actually trigger the feeling, or rather the true feeling of joy - and, that is Beauty!

It is beauty that connects our true joyful nature with the core essence of all Existence. I am tempted to call this core essence love, but i would not do that, for love has become the most misunderstood and misinterpreted word. I would rather leave the core nameless for time being...

Get connected with beauty, bring to the surface your true joyful feeling, and you shall attract true wealth, not just the riches.

Be wealthy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Law of Attraction and Abundance

Q: It is so very difficult to focus on what i want...

A: Meaning, you actually do not want what you are trying to focus on. I am reminded of Svami Vivekananda. He "thought" that he wanted money. And, he was actually broke. He did not have enough to continue with his studies.

His master, Ramakrishna Paramhansa, asked him to focus on money, meditate, and "ask" Mother Kali, the Divine Feminine Principle for the fulfillment of his wish.

He could focus on money, and he did meditate too, but when it came to asking, he simply could  not do it. Instead, he asked for Bhakti, loving devotion. He asked for Shakti, divine poser, and he asked for Mukti, the absolute freedom.

Not once, not twice, but thrice he made the same "mistake".
He would be all prepared to ask for money, but when it came to actually asking, he would ask for bhakti, shakti, and mukti.

His inner being, the inner consciousness was not into money.
Perhaps, you are facing a similar situation. What you

Q: I keep hearing that money is important, and i agree it is important. I want money, who does not want? But, i cannot focus n money.

A: You are influenced by people. You have been bombarded by society and workplace that money is all that is to abundance. It is not. And, this is what your inner self is trying to tell you. Abundance is much more than having money. Abundance is true wealth, it is something that never ever decreased. It grows and grows.

Abundance is the feeling of joy that comes from inner satisfaction. Abundance is beauty, abundance is love. Abundance is only felt when you access your true self, your inner being - and, such access can only be gained through meditation. Abundance is the way to living meditatively.

To live abundantly is to live meditatively, and to live meditatively is to live fully, to allow all faculties within you develop to their fullest.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Law of Attraction and Wealth

Q: Why is it that so many people relate this law with wealth alone?

A: Relating with wealth is alright, however money is not the sum total of wealth. True wealth is overall prosperity. True wealth includes health, happiness, relations, all.

What is amazing is the survey I was reading sometime back that says that almost 70% of those who study law of attraction relate it to money, and not wealth.

I have also heard of another survey a couple of years ago that showed that health, relation, and inner satisfaction mattered more than money to most of the people the world over.

So, this is actually funny.

More people feel happy when they are healthy, they have good relationship, and they enjoy inner satisfaction; whereas the law of attraction survey showed that money was most important to all those who considered themselves as the practitioners of the law.

First thing that is according to my understanding: there is no division between practitioners and non-practitioners. The law is universal, by whichever term you call it.

Another thing, around 1900, so many people suddenly talked about this law, and it took decades those days for people everywhere to begin talking about it. Not long after, there was the infamous crash of 1929.

Law of Attraction and Empathy

Q: It is said that one must be upbeat to help others, in a 1906 book published by Atkinson this is called bracing.

A: Certainly, if you are not upbeat, then you cannot help someone who is downbeat.

Q: Yes, but, I have also heard that we do not have to sympathize with those who are downbeat. It is only then that we can help them.

A: If you do have the feelings of empathy, and sympathy, why would you even think of helping someone?

We cannot help someone if we are emotionally attached to the person. I am reminded of a renowned surgeon in Japan whose hands trembled while performing surgery on his grandson. He was disturbed. It never happened before when he was operating on his patients. He failed.

Not to be emotionally attached is not the same as not having empathy, or sympathy.

Atkinson suggested bracing, why? This is clearly because he was moved by the same feelings of empathy and sympathy. Otherwise, what is the point of bracing people?

Law of Attraction and Mandala

Q: I have been reading James Redfield also. He believes in the Support Energy. I have been reading about Mandala, and that those who are on the periphery support the center, and the center reciprocates and supports them.

A: Read, review, and realize it only if you can accept the truth from that angle. Remember all angles are equally true and valid. What is not palatable to you could be palatable to others.

Talking about Mandala, believe in your own experience if you have one. Do not seek answers from others, they may not have any experience, or any knowledge about Mandala.

 I was reading somewhere (http://www.scamfraudalert.com/showthread.php?t=2529&pagenumber=):  “…consider this. A recent article I read stated that 2 out of 5 people walking the streets of N.Y. were neurotic to the point where they needed professional help. 1 out of 100,000 people (in the US) are professional scientists.............That means that if you start asking the unknown public important questions about meaning in your life, the odds are much stronger that you are going to be answered by a bunch of nutsrather than 1 really smart person...........Good Luck….. and get a little faith in yourself.”

Mandala is what keeps the group of entities calling themselves “Abraham” together. Otherwise, they cannot stay together. Mandala is keeping them in communion with the Hicks, otherwise no communion would be possible. It is a different story altogether if both “Abraham” and the Hicks do not understand the mechanism of Mandala. They don’t have to. It is like we don’t have to know how to grow oranges in order to enjoy them.

Mandala, the periphery supports the Kendra, or the center. And, the center supports the periphery. Do you know why?

This is because the center and the periphery are inseparable. How can there be periphery without the centre, or the vice versa? It is inconceivable.

Each person in the mandala, including the centre has to work on his, or her own. Yes, they are responsible for their individual growth and personal evolution. Once, that responsibility is fulfilled, they begin to enrich each other.

Being responsible of one’s action is the initial stage, at the later stage a responsible person cannot not be responsible for the evolution of the entire cosmos.

This is Law of Attraction, or rather the Principle of Attraction that is beyond all laws...

Why would you stop at attracting greenbacks? Not that greenbacks are less important, they are important too. But, don’t stop at that. Go beyond, move on. The entire cosmos is there for you to attract!